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About us | Credit Velocity

Our Company

We’ve been helping people grow their credit for 6 years+

Our Company

We’ve been helping people grow their credit for 6 years+

Success Leaves Clues…

Results, Results, Results. That sums up our mission, motto, and values. Our goals are simple, help our clients reach their goals no matter what. We’ve built a culture that is client-centric and took it a step further, tying our compensation to the success of our clients.

With that type of business model it’s allowed us to become one of the most effective services, and educational businesses in this field.

My name is J.Christian, and I started working with people & businesses as a financial consultant in 2013. During that time I was able to help people build and solidify their financial infrastructure but I quickly found it wasn’t enough.

People were still failing because they had no idea what to do in other key areas to succeed financially, for example: managing and improving their credit score.

That’s when I decided to form Credit Velocity. This is a complete credit repair agency, geared to help people by providing high quality services.

I hope you take advantage of our years of experience and we get to work with you!

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